Smart Lite plus Mirror-To-Mirror Technology Offer a Long Overdue Breakthrough in Commercial Truck Safety


Anyone related to the Commercial Trucking Industry will agree that Front End Blind Spots are the single most cause of heavy truck related accidents. 60% of all truck accidents throughout North America are directly contributed to the front-end blind spots of commercial trucks. Over 5000 deaths and 140,000 injuries occur annually throughout North America.


Professional drivers are plagued on a daily basis with never being 100% certain that a motor vehicle, motorcycle, cyclist or pedestrian hasn't  moved into the front end blind spot in the few seconds the driver may have been watching or checking somewhere else. At some point in their career most professional drivers will either have an accident caused by front end blind spots or countless times will be faced with the inevitable close call.


Smart Lite Technologies Ltd is proud to introduce a patented innovative mirror-to-mirror safety product to professional drivers, which has been receiving extraordinary attention throughout the past several years of design, development, and test marketing. Now available to the Commercial Trucking Industry and all professional drivers is the long awaited Smart Lite.


Smart Lite features a rear facing LED reverse light, LED turn signal, an LED emergency strobe flasher and most importantly a forward facing front end blind spot detector. Smart Lite is the only commercial truck safety device of its kind offering four distinctive safety features designed and engineered into one innovative product to offer professional drivers a significantly less stress free and safer driving experience.


Created by a lifelong professional driver Smart Lite is an all in one backup light, turn signal, strobe light and front-end blind spot mirror. Smart Lite Technologies Ltd is expecting that this creatively designed product will save countless lives, injuries and greatly reduce heavy truck accidents related to front end or no zone blind spots.


Already introduced and well received by the Ministry of Transportation and the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, Smart Lite is set to launch and will soon be available at select truck dealers, distributors and retailers. Not often does a product offer so much in the way of safety for a cost that is less than it would be to replace the existing standard backup lights on a Class 8 vechicle.


Professional drivers of test vehicles outfitted with Smart Lite prototypes throughout the development phases have praised Smart Lite for its ease of use and split second 100% reliability in knowing what's in the trucks front end blind spots at all times. 95% of all professional drivers with installed Smart Lite's will say that they would never again desire to operate a heavy truck without a set of Smart Lite's installed.


Smart Lite is far superior to any other convex mirror or blind spot camera installed on a truck. A split second glance is all it takes to reveal the entire blind spot area of the truck. In almost all cases a driver will need to view at least 2 or 3 mirrors to visualize everything he/she will see with only a quick glance to the Smart Lite installed on the truck.


When sitting back in the driver's seat relaxed and traveling on a highway or interstate a driver always has a view of his Smart Lite and will always know if a vehicle is possibly beside him in any of his blind spot or no zone area of the truck. This is a great comfort and assurance to the driver that no other mirror system can offer.


To install this new safety feature a driver simply removes the existing backup lights which are currently on any class 8 truck and replaces then with a set of Smart Lite's. With a set of Smart Lite's now installed the driver returns to the cab of the truck and time after time every driver is amazed at what now becomes visible in the trucks previously front end blind spots. A split second glance into the West Coast or side mirror of the truck and back to the Smart Lite instantly reveals the entire blind spot area surrounding the front end of the truck.


This enhanced blind spot visibility makes driving much safer and less stressful for the driver when attempting lane changes, turning corners, parking alongside curbs and also allows the driver to always know where the steering tires and front bumper of the truck are. No other product can offer so much blind spot visibility to a professional driver.


This clear view of the front end of the truck, steering tires and front bumper area that Smart Lite returns to the driver is a great help when maneuvering a truck in tight or confined spaces. The drivers of test sand and gravel trucks have found Smart Lite to be an amazing assistance when driving onto all too often narrow weigh scales or when loading or unloading in construction zones that have little or no room to maneuver around in.


Smart Lite lets a driver feel confident about being in any tight maneuvering situation with the front end of the truck completely exposed from inside the cab. Smart Lite Technologies offers a Stainless Steel Mounting bracket specifically designed so that Smart Lite will mount to any truck operating in the sand and gravel industry.


Another feature Smart Lite offers is the ability for a driver to see vehicles that are hidden in the dark of night. A properly adjusted Smart Lite allows the driver to see absolutely nothing other than the tail lights of any vehicle hidden in the trucks blind spot.


In some jurisdictions and countries a high mount backup light is not legal on a Class 8 commercial truck but high mount turn signals are acceptable and are becoming more and more sought after due to the safety they add to a commercial vehicle. To comply with standards and regulations in all countries and jurisdictions, the Smart Lite bulb incorporates a reverse light. red and amber turn signal and an emergency strobe feature all into one LED bulb. When installing Smart Lite on any truck the driver only needs to connect the features allowed in their country or region.


The convex blind spot mirror built into Smart Lite is adjustable and replaceable. The LED bulb is also easily replaceable.


Between the existing convex mirrors and the addition of a set of Smart Lite's on any commercial truck, there will now be virtually no front end or no zone blind spots that are not visible to the driver at all times.


Smart Lite will save transport companies a great amount of money annually through the enormous reduction in front-end mishaps and damages that occur regularly and far too often. These incidents occur over and over again when the driver did not have a clear view of the front bumper or steering tire when maneuvering the truck in a confined area. No other mirror product can match the view the driver sees from the inside of the cab of the front bumper or steering tire area of the truck in a split second glance.


Smart Lite truly is a revolutionary truck safety product that will save lives and countless injuries that occur daily on our roads and highways throughout the world. Smart Lite Technologies Ltd is proud and excited to offer such a simple, cost effective and amazingly efficient safety product to the Commercial Trucking Industry.

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